Auctioneer: Rosa Parks house has buyers, working out details

Published 07-26-2018

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PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) - The auctioneer selling the house where Rosa Parks sought refuge after fleeing the South amid death threats says there are buyers interested, but it will take a few days to work out the details.

Guernsey's auctioned the house in New York on Thursday, with a minimum bid of $1 million. It didn't sell during the auction, but Susan Jaffe, of Guernsey's, says the auction sparked interest from several buyers. Jaffe says she doesn't know the buyers' identities.

Parks moved to Detroit in 1957, two years after refusing to give up her bus seat. The tiny home where she stayed was set to be demolished when Parks' niece rescued it. She gave it to American artist Ryan Mendoza, who shipped it to Berlin and reassembled it.

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