Ambassadors for Motown sound seek more of it in hometown

Published 10-19-2018

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DETROIT (AP) - The music of Motown still beguiles audiences around the globe, but the music of Stevie Wonder, Martha Reeves, the Supremes and Temptations doesn't get heard regularly and reliably in Detroit, the city of its birth.

Singer Joan Belgrave is among those out to change that: She's brought it to many venues and hopes to secure a place "dedicated to the genre." She said what exists isn't enough for a city with such a sonic legacy.

You can catch some "Hitsville U.S.A." here and there in Detroit. Classic Motown singers and groups certainly include catalog hits on a tour. There are tribute bands and even a local DJ who spins records from the label and era. Motown Museum plans a major expansion and upgrade that includes a performance space.

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