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This Detroit travel guide will surely make your heart beat faster and round off the best of the city in my opinion. This short guide to Detroit includes everything you need to do as a first-time visitor to Detroit, from shopping and dining to transportation and entertainment. In addition to the incredible food you can enjoy in Detroit, you should also take time to get active.

As you compile more and more crime statistics in Detroit, you'll know which areas to avoid in Detroit. When you visit Detroit for the first time, read one or two of them before you visit Detroit to get a better idea of what makes the city what it is.

If you need a reminder that Detroit is one of the most beautiful places in the USA, you can dance here. If you're looking for breathtaking sights in Detroit, Michigan, come to Belle Isle Park.

If you want to see the Detroit team at Ford Field or Comerica Park, stay at the MGM Grand Detroit Hotel and Casino. If you're able to travel through the city, head to Lake Michigan, one of the many subway state parks that are often built along the river or lake. One of my favorite things about Corktown is that it's so convenient from the car and that it's so close to the airport.

You will probably spend most of your trip to Detroit in the city center, but the heart of Corktown is a great area to explore outside of Detroit. This lovely little café is located right on the edge of the city, which is actually a completely different city, and is worth a visit. Located just a few blocks from the Michigan State University campus, it's a cool place to explore. Considering that you are likely to spend much of this trip in downtown Detroit, here is my rundown of some of my best food, coffee and beverages in Detroit! This is located right on the Detroit border, in the historic downtown area, just across the Michigan Lake and the Detroit River.

In addition, many of Detroit's museums are free to the public, such as the Detroit Historical Museum. In fact, Detroit's many suburbs are safer than downtown, and have plenty of great restaurants, shops, museums, parks, and other attractions.

My second recommendation for great coffee in Detroit is ASHE Supply Co., founded by two Detroiters who met in high school. In this store you can find T-shirts, hats and magnets that show pride in Detroit. Excellent and insightful food tours offer some of the best restaurants, while Motor City Brew Tours will introduce you to the good beer Detroit has to offer.

Those who love a bit of grit will love Detroit, because many buildings are still being restored, including the impressive Michigan Central Station. Public boat moorings offer great views of the Great Lakes and the Detroit River, as well as the city's waterfront. Port of Detroit, a public dock that offers passenger cruise ships the departure and return to ports on the Great Lakes such as Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, the Michigan River and Erie Lake.

There are several museums in Detroit, but Detroit is also home to MOTOWN, and with the Motown Museum you can really appreciate how central Detroit and Michigan are in the great history of popular music. Located directly in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts, the museum gives visitors an insight into how Detroit Michigan became an industrial powerhouse. Detroit's history and culture are influenced by all sorts of cultural influences, so you can see both.

This is one of the coolest places to explore in Detroit, and it is actually in another city, but it is right on the Detroit border.

Detroit may be most famous as the birthplace of the automobile, but it's about so much more than the car. In big cities, it is usually a matter of course to use public transport, but Detroit is a bit different. To make matters worse, the City of Detroit, in collaboration with the State of Michigan, has recently made efforts to improve downtown safety for the benefit of both residents and tourists. Downtown Detroit has been monitored by private security for years, so it is good to be aware of its surroundings when traveling around the US.

Detroit's main avenue, Woodward, stretches from the northwest to the southeast along the Detroit River for 30 miles to the city of Pontiac. It contains some of the most famous buildings in the United States, such as the Chrysler Building and the Wright Building. There are no tunnels or tolls for the car, but Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago offer a variety of public transportation as well as a number of private ones.

If you're skeptical about Detroit's plans, you can try to stay in the suburbs for a week or more. If you stay at a fantastic hostel and have 80-90 days to participate in what Detroit is known for, you'll be more realistic about your daily budget. Well, I would highly recommend it for your next weekend getaway, but I recommend you visit Detroit on a budget if you're skeptical about visiting it before you go.

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