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This short guide to Detroit contains some of the best things to do downtown and reflects them for those who stroll through the city's many museums. Take a local guide on a tour of Detroit's most popular attractions - time to explore Detroit.

Be sure to visit the Detroit Museum of Art, where the museum recreates the cobbled streets of old Detroit that depicted Detroit in the 1840s and early 1900s. Located directly in front of the Institute of Arts in Detroit, this museum gives visitors an insight into how Detroit, Michigan, became an industrial powerhouse. Various cultural influences made Detroit one of the most important cities in America in the 19th century.

If you want to learn more about Detroit during your walk, sign up for our free Detroit travel guide and learn how to put it all together and get the best experience. If you're looking for free activities in Detroit but would rather go on your own city tour of Detroit, check out our self-guided walking tours that include many of the above locations. This excellent and insightful tour features some of Detroit's best restaurants, while Motor City Brew Tours introduces you to the good beer Detroit has to offer.

If you're not in Motown for the weekend, check out our affordable and informative city tours of Detroit. These tours are only on Saturdays, but if you're in Detroit for a week - long journey, try to spend the week longer than you can at S & S.

This lovely little café is located in the heart of Corktown, a great area to explore in Detroit. Considering that you will probably spend most of your trip to Detroit in the city center, here's a roundup of the best restaurants, coffees and drinks. There are many fascinating places to visit and great occasions to support, so add this list of your activities in Detroit. You don't have to spend a good second day in Detroit to enjoy Dearborn before you go home, but you have to make smart decisions about what you do. For taste, mood and people we recommend a visit to Greektown when you are in Michigan.

It's so close to downtown, and even when the Tigers aren't playing, you can see the Michigan State University campus and the University of Michigan campus. If you want to visit Detroit in any season, make sure you stop at the Martius campus.

Show your children how Detroit has changed in recent decades, with new buildings, new streets, and new neighborhoods. The most interesting buildings on the Martius campus and in the city of Detroit include the Detroit Museum of Art, Wayne County Museum, Wright Museum and Michigan Historical Society.

If you want to learn more about Detroit, the Detroit Experience Factory offers a free tour of the riverside of Detroit.

Stroll through the parking lots around Comerica Park and Ford Field and simply feel the spirit of Detroit. If you are not sure what to do in Detroit, visit one of the show - Me Detroit Tours.

If you're a baseball fan looking to do something in downtown Detroit, visit Comerica Park. If you prefer to stay in another city near Detroit and get off, there is an easy way. I suggest the Royal Oak and Ferndale areas, but if you go to the city of Detroit or any of the other cities in the Detroit metropolitan area, you will find attractions that have the castle that absolutely rolls your hair up.

This cultural jewel of Detroit is located about a mile north and west of DIA, so you don't have to travel too far to visit the Great Lakes. To really see Detroit and the surrounding area, you need to take a ride on the Detroit Princess Riverboat. Detroit is located on the river, but it is in a notorious part of it, a multi-lane road that runs for several miles through Detroit (you could probably call it mile 0).

Along the way, you'll discover some of the world's most famous graffiti, including graffiti on the Detroit Police Department building and Michigan State Police headquarters. Cool graffiti from Detroit can be found along the Belt, a narrow alley filled from top to bottom with street art right through the heart of Detroit. Where Frida lived and worked in Detroit, this small shop, located between the DIA and Detroit Historical Museum, is her home and place of work.

In this store you can find T-shirts, hats and magnets that show pride in Detroit. If you want to learn more about this great Michigan city, check out the Detroit Historical Museum and see for yourself. And if you love a bit of grit, you'll love Detroit, as there are many buildings still under restoration, including the stunning Michigan Central Station.

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