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The Michigan State Spartans plan to make a deep run in the NCAA tournament, and fans can put money on their hopes and dreams to cut through the Nets while Michigan sports betting begins next week. Sportsbook will be allowed in all three Michigan casinos for the first time in the state's history. All three Detroit casinos will launch sportsbook on January 1, marking the beginning of a new era in which Michigan will not only be able to legally place bets on sports events across state lines, but it is one of three commercial casinos in Detroit as well as 23 tribal properties across the state.

It is also home to Michigan State University, Michigan Tech University and the University of Michigan, all NCAA colleges in the Detroit area, as well as the Detroit Lions and Detroit Red Wings.

Michigan State may not have the prestige of football, but Detroit remains the only city to win three major professional sports championships in the same year and win both the NHL and NFL titles in the same year. Detroit first became known as the city of champions in 1930, when the Tigers, Lions and Red Wings won the title in the same year. In 1952, it repeated the feat and was named the City of Champions.

That meant that Detroit had the NFL, NHL and MLB titles, as well as the NBA and NHL World Series titles in the same year.

The 2014 NHL Winter Classic will be played in Detroit on January 1, 2014, just days after the Michigan - Michigan State game. Both universities compete in a long-standing rivalry, and although there are restrictions on in-state collegiate betting in Michigan, it is perfectly legal to bet on Michigan. This means you can bet on the 2014 NCAA Basketball Championship game and the 2016 NCAA Football Championship. Expect to make big bets on Michigan vs. Michigan and Michigan / State games in the near future.

If there hasn't been much reason to follow the Pistons, Red Wings or Tigers lately, better days lie ahead.

This week's round-up of sports betting news covers daily fantasy sports in several states, including Connecticut, Illinois, Michigan and Ohio. In Michigan, FanDuel and DraftKings offer contests and games, but daily fantasy sports are not yet legal in Michigan.

Michigan State has two fantastic sports venues, the football team at Spartan Stadium and the basketball team at Breslin Center. The CMU is the bigger rival and the biggest rival of the two, but the Eagles fight for the Michigan MAC Trophy every season. The Eagles are called "Directive Michigan" by their school rivals, and WMU calls it "Directive Michigan," but both schools play for their rival's MAC trophy each year.

Central Michigan has not won the NCAA tournament since 2003, when they upset Creighton in the first round as 11-seeded. The University of Michigan has won 11 national titles in basketball and 10 national championships in women's basketball, but they also have one of the most successful basketball programs in college basketball history. While the Michigan State Spartans have won six national titles in football, the Wolverines have only one national championship in men's football and one in boys "basketball.

Michigan State has played Wisconsin more times than any other team in history and will visit Ann Arbor this year on Saturday, October 31. Michigan State leads the all-time series and has won four of the last seven, but the Wolverines lead the overall series 58-51-6. The Buckeyes were selected to equal the record for most wins in a single season in college basketball history with 11. Wisconsin was overtaken by Michigan, averaging 14.5 points per game.

If my prediction is correct, interested parties can bet that they will run the 8 mile for the first time in their lives on Saturday, October 31. Observe and participate in two programs dedicated to holding exciting events and giving back to youth and communities in southeastern Michigan. Fishing in Lake Huron, the largest freshwater lake in Michigan and home to the Michigan State University Aquatic Center.

The Detroit Sports Podcast Network broadcasts a daily sports podcast and has reporters covering sports across the Detroit metro area. The Detroit Red Wings have won 11 Stanley Cup titles, the most of any NHL franchise in the U.S. Garwood, a native of Detroit, has won an individual sport since 1931, and Detroit is home to the Detroit Lions, Michigan State University and the University of Michigan. Detroit is one of 12 cities in the United States that have at least one professional sports team in every major professional sport.

The Detroit Lions started out as Portsmouth Spartans from Portsmouth, Ohio, and are now based at Ford Field in downtown Detroit. After the team first joined the NFL in 1930, it was bought in 1931 and transferred to Detroit. Immediately, the team won an NFL championship in the second year of 1935. Detroit remains one of America's best hockey cities, but there has been a slight decline in talent over the past decade. The last few months have been extremely important for the future of Detroit sports, even if the players are not on the courts, rinks, diamonds or fields.

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