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I am happy to share Detroit's best attractions with local tips to make your visit to Motor City an unforgettable experience. Whether you want to take a tour of some of the city's most iconic and grand buildings, this is one of the best attractions to see in Detroit. On your Detroit tour, visit some architectural landmarks and learn about the rise, fall and renewal of cities as you immerse yourself in the art of change.

To round off your museum trip and more Halloween fun, visit Detroit Paranormal Expeditions on October 30, 2020, where the group will showcase spooky locations across Detroit. If you want to learn more about Detroit during your walk, sign up for a free tour of the Detroit Museum of Natural History or the Michigan Historical Society. Or if you are looking for free activities in Detroit but would rather do your city tour in Detroit on your own, then you should check out this self-guided city tour that includes many of the above locations.

There are also several restaurants and there are many colorful places to visit while exploring the attractions of Detroit. While Motor City Brew Tours will introduce you to some of the best beers Detroit has to offer, this excellent and insightful food tour offers some good restaurants.

Along the way, you'll discover some of the best restaurants, bars, shops and other attractions in downtown Detroit. Let our local guide take you on a guided tour of all the good things you can do in and around downtown Detroit. Learn how to put it all together and have a good experience in Detroit with our Detroit travel guide. Our main page in Detroit provides a list of fantastic things to see in Detroit all year round, from restaurants and bars to shopping and entertainment.

Located in the Entertainment District of downtown Detroit, it was designed by legendary artist, sculptor, architect and artist Frank Lloyd Wright, who also designed many of the city's most iconic buildings, including the Detroit Museum of Art and the Chrysler Building. With Detroit-related references, the sculptors were the men who created the spirit of Detroit. In this small shop in the DIA's Detroit Historical Museum, Frida lived and worked in Detroit and houses one of her most famous paintings, "The Spirit" (1904), which is used for events and provides an insight into the life and work of one of the world's greatest artists.

This is a fascinating place and a great reason to support it, so don't forget to add this stop on the Martius campus to your list of activities in Detroit. Hand in hand, RiverWalk is one of the coolest places to visit Detroit, and with the time of year when you visit Detroit, there is no better time than the summer months to put it on the list of activities in Detroit. This is another stop on the Campus martius list that you can add to any of your lists What to do in Michigan, especially if you're in the Detroit metro station.

If you're looking for free things in Detroit, be sure to check out the street art scene. There is a lot to recommend in Detroit, and here are a few of the best ways to spend your visit. If you have ever wondered what to do when it rains And there is no parking, this museum is your best choice. During a visit to Detroit, you will visit Ford's Rouge Factory, visit the Ford Rouge factory, learn how Motown started, enjoy the trendy food scene in Detroit and visit one of the best art museums in the USA.

It is a chronicle of the history of the Detroit area and a good place to learn about the events of the 20th century. There are also several exhibitions, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Michigan Historical Museum. You may have heard of Detroit street art, but there is much more to the museum than just street art, including works by artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Andy Warhol.

Michigan fans can visit the newly opened Museum of Natural History at Michigan State University and the Michigan Historical Museum as well as the Detroit Art Museum.

To really see Detroit and the surrounding area, you need to take a trip on the Princess Riverboat in Detroit. On one side of the park you can see downtown Detroit, and on the other side you can catch a glimpse of Windsor.

This notorious part of Detroit is located in Clinton Township, Michigan, a multi-lane road that runs for several miles through Detroit (you could probably call it mile 0). You don't need bikes to drive through this area, as it is one of the most scenic roads in the entire state of Michigan.

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